Autosafe Seat Belt Height Adjuster

Available from: Great Ideas

RRP $34.95





Back in 2006 following discussions on our forums about car seat safety laws, I posted a message wishing that someone would invent a clip-type device for cars that would "pin" the seat belt into a more ideal position for children.  Well, a year later my dreams have been answered!


The Autosafe Seat Belt Height Adjuster was developed to prevent children from placing their arms over a seat belt.  Children do this when  the seat belt rubs on their neck - making it uncomfortable.  The problem is that by placing their arms over a seat belt, the child is inadvertently turning it into a lap belt.  This is very inadvisable as lap belts are proven to be ineffective in accidents and are known to cause spinal and abdominal injuries.


This ingenious product allows you to reposition the seat belt to prevent it from rubbing on the child's neck, perfectly aligning the seat belt into the correct position, thus making the journey ahead a safe and comfortable one.


It is great for use with small children in half booster seats and older children who are finding the seat belt is rubbing on their neck.  I've even tried it out myself!  Being somewhat vertically challenged, I find that most car seat belts cut into my neck - but not with the Autosafe Seat Belt Height Adjuster.  It really does make for a more comfortable car trip - albeit somewhat challenging to get in and out of on your own!!


The Autosafe Seat Belt Height Adjuster is super easy to install and adjust from one child to the next.  Of course, at this fantastic price of just $34.95 you'd be silly not to buy one to keep in each of the cars your child travels in on a regular basis.


We recently found ourselves transporting another child on a school trip and were quickly and easily able to install the Autosafe Seat Belt Height Adjuster along with a borrowed booster seat to ensure our precious cargo was safely restrained alongside our own wee girl.



Reviewed by: Franciska






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